Maximum grace

I failed You many times
I tend to turn back to You
But Your love is outpouring
Still, Your grace overwhelms me

I thought that it should end up
I want to make this over
But Your mercy still remains
Your still reminding me of Your grace

Your majesty, Oh God
Your maximum grace, Abba Father
Even though I don’t deserve it
Still, Your giving it to me

Thank You, Lord, for the maximum grace
Thank You, Lord, for the love
Thank You, Lord, for the mercy
Thank You, Lord, for everything

I’m going back to You
To Your loving arms, Oh God
I’m reaching out for Your presence
I’ll never let You down again

I know this will not be that easy
But I know it will be rewarding
Let this be my prayer
Until the day you come

10th day of July, 2017

Art Fair Philippines 2017

It’s my third year appreciating Philippine contemporary and modern art. Almost three hours appreciating the works of Filipino  and some Southeast Asian artists. The long line at the entrance at The Link Car Park is all worth it.


Section from a famous Philippine clothing brand, BENCH.


Shoes distressed, late 1990’s


The Oneiric Time Piece by Marc Aran Reyes


Half rest by Jerome Choco, oil on canvas, 2017.


Ang patuloy na pag-usad ng lipunang may sayad by SANGVIAJE (Daniel Aligaen, John Paul Antido, Edrick Daniel, Dennis Fortozo, Guerrero Habulan, Joven Mansit, Jaypee Samson and Pogs Samson), acrylic on canvas, 2017.


No title 😔 But I really love this painting 💜


Mass hysteria number two by Liv Vinluan, oil on canvas, 2017.

I met some of the artists pero hindi ko sila napicturan. Masyado lang akong na-amaze sa kanila. Meet Mr. Ramon Orlina and his fiber glass artworks.. Aaaargh! #Galing

Another artworks…


Rebelasyon by KALYE KOLLEKTIB, oil on canvas, 2016.

Me at the Art Fair!
Since mag-isa lang ako ang hirap may photo op with the artworks. Mirror shots na lang talaga ang pag-asa ko. But my napakabait na couple na nagtake sa’kin ng pictures. Waaaaa!



Thank you, Art Fair for a memorable day. See you next year! 💜


Sa ibibigay sa akin ng Diyos

Kumusta ka?
Nawa’y ika’y nasa mabuting kalagayan.
Nawa’y ika’y nasa piling ng Diyos.
Nawa’y ika’y nagpapagamit sa Kaniya.
Nawa’y ika’y patuloy na binabago Niya.

Pasensiya na.
Pasensiya na kung nagkamali ako noon.
Pasensiya na kung nagbigay ako ng oras sa maling tao
Na ang mga oras na ‘yun ay oras ko dapat sa Panginoon
Oras upang maglingkod
Oras upang magpatama
Oras upang mas papuruhin pa ang puso
Oras upang maging handa sa mga darating na panahon na makakasama ka

Pasensiya na kung natuon ang pansin ko sa taong yun kumpara sa Diyos
Na siya na lamang ang bukambibig ko
Na siya na lamang ang laging laman ng puso’t-isip ko
Na sa kaniya na lamang umiikot ang mundo ko
Pasensiya na, aking sinta…
Sa nagdaang sakit nung panahon iyon
Mas nakilala ko ang pag-ibig ng Diyos
Mas natuto ako dapat ibigin Siya higit man sa kanino man
Na sa Kaniya lang pala dapat umiikot ang oras ko
Na sa Kaniya lang pala dapat itutuon ang atensiyon ko.
Na Siya lamang ang laman ng puso’t isip ko
Na Siya lamang ang bukambibig ko.

Inahon Niya ako sa sakit na ‘yun..



May nakilala na naman akong bago…


Ito na naman ako aking sinta..
Nagbibigay na naman ako ng oras, panahon at atensiyon ko sa kaniya
Hindi na ako natuto at nagtanda

Patawad… Nasasaktan na naman kita

Minsan pa nga sa bawat panalangin ko sa Diyos ito ang sambit ko:

“Panginoon, sana siya na lang po”

Pinagpupumilit ko sa Diyos na sana yung taong yun aking sinta ang ibigay sa’kin ng Diyos…


Na dapat matuto akong maghintay sa pagdating mo…

Pag-aantay na nagpapabago
Pag-aantay na nagpapapuro
Pag-aantay na nagpapatama
Pag-aantay na nagdididisipulo
Pag-aantay na naglilingkod
Pag-aantay na nasa Kaniyang ministeryo

At higit sa lahat,
Sa panahong inaantay kita


Pagmamahal na sa Kaniya ang lahat ng atensiyon ko
Pagmamahal na susunod ako sa Kaniyang plano
Pagmamahal na sa Kaniya ko iaalay lahat ng gawa ko
Pagmamahal na Siya ang uunahin kaysa sa mundo

Kung nasaan ka man ngayon, aking Sinta..

Sana’y mapatawad mo ako
Sana’y inaantay mo ako
Sana’y nasa hindi ka mainip sa pagdating ko

Kung napagdaanan mo din ang mga nangyari sa’kin, aking Sinta…

Maiintindihan kita
Walang problema sa akin iyon

Ang mahalaga
Mas natuto na tayo sa kung anumang naranasan natin noon pag tayo’y pinagtagpo na ng Diyos

Kung sino ka man, aking Sinta..
Asahan mo sa iyong pagdating..

Mamahalin kita sa bawat araw na magdadaan
Hindi ko hahayaan na mawala tayo sa landas ng Diyos
Sabay tayong maglilingkod sa Kaniya
Sabay tayong magpapalago
Sabay tayong magpapabago
Sabay tayong magpapapuro

Siya ang magiging sentro ng ating relasyon
At tanging Siya lamang

Nandito lang ako, aking Sinta

Inaantay ang ating pagtatagpo

Sana’y ganun din ako sa iyo…

ika-18 ng Pebrero taong 2017
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Sometime by May Riley Smith

SOMETIME, when all life’s lessons have been learned,
And sun and stars forevermore have set,
The things which our weak judgments here have spurned,
The things o’er which we grieved with lashes wet,
Will flash before us, out of life’s dark night,
As stars shine most in deeper tints of blue;
And we shall see how all God’s plans are right,
And how what seems reproof was love most true.

And we shall see how, while we frown and sigh,
God’s plans go on as best for you and me;
How, when we called, he heeded not our cry,
Because his wisdom to the end could see.
And e’en as prudent parents disallow
Too much of sweet to craving babyhood,
So God, perhaps, is keeping from us now
Life’s sweetest things, because it seemeth good.

And if sometimes, commingled with life’s wine,
We find the wormwood, and rebel and shrink,
Be sure a wiser hand than yours or mine
Pours out this potion for our lips to drink.
And if some friend we love is lying low,
Where human kisses cannot reach his face,
Oh, do not blame the loving Father so,
But wear your sorrow with obedient grace!

And you shall shortly know that lengthened breath
Is not the sweetest gift God sends his friend,
And that, sometimes, the sable pall of death
Conceals the fairest bloom his love can send.
If we could push ajar the gates of life,
And stand within, and all God’s workings see,
We could interpret all this doubt and strife,
And for each mystery could find a key.

But not to-day. Then be content, poor heart!
God’s plans like lilies pure and white unfold.
We must not tear the close-shut leaves apart,
Time will reveal the calyxes of gold.
And if, through patient toil, we reach the land
Where tired feet, with sandals loosed, may rest,
When we shall clearly know and understand,
I think that we will say, “God knew the best!”

Sometime by May Riley Smith (1842?–1927)
from the book "The World’s Best Poetry" by Bliss Carman, et al., eds.
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May mga nawawala
Asahang may babalik
Asahang may ipapalit
Mas mabuti kaysa sa kahapon
Mas maigi na ngayon
Kaya huwag tayong sumuko
Lalo na ang huminto
Sa pagsunod sa Panginoon
Dahil may plano Niya’y paparito
Planong di tayo mabibigo

ika-14 ng Pebrero taong 2017
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Love letter to Jesus

Dear Jesus Christ,

Thank You for the cross. Thank You for the amazing love you poured out on me 2000 years ago. Thank You for the grace and for the mercy you abound on me.

I’m not worthy of your love but You’re always here loving me although I’ve done things that hurts you. You love me at my best and much more than at my worst.

Help me to love You more. Help me to desire Your presence more. Help me to treasure you more inside of my heart. To think what You will feel when I make decisions in my life. To have a heart like Yours and to have a love to others like Yours.

Continue to correct me if I made some things that will hurt You. Continue to mold me with Your love, goodness and grace. Continue to purify me with Your love.

You’re the author of my life, my journey and also my faith. Help to follow the track that you’ve planned in my life. Help me to keep my faith in Your name. To be more prayerful even in the midst of struggles. To seek You more even they’re times I don’t want to continue the journey with you. We are team. This is our fight, Jesus.

I love You more than yesterday. My love for you will not perish until the day I die.

Lots of love,
Marinella Pineda

As sign of my everlasting love to Jesus. I signed this Manifesto 💜 See featured image.

When you join a Manifesto, you will withhold from entering into a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship for one year because you would like to give your undivided attention to loving and seeking God.

Manifesto Movement is founded by Pastor Ru dela Torre. He serves as the director of Wildfire Youth Ministry of His Life City Church. He is an author. His books: A Date with the One, Road Trip. Back On Track: Road Trip 2, and Refuel are very inspiring.



Minsan naiisip ko na lang na sumuko
Minsan naiisip ko na lang na tumalikod
Pero sa mga minsang iyon, ipapaisip din ng Diyos kung paano ka Niya hinayaang magpatuloy nung ako’y titigil na
Kung paano ako hinayaang magpatuloy nung ako’y susuko na
Kung paano ako hinayaang humakbang patungo sa Kaniya sa mga panahong ako’y tatalikod na
Pag may gawa ng kaaway na babagabag sa’king buhay.
Hayaan kong maisip ang lahat ng mga magagandang bagay na nangyari sa’kin kaysa sa mga negatibong bagay na pinapaisip ng kaaway sa’kin.

ika-7 ng Pebrero taong 2017
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