LIB XP Number 1: The world of SHELF READING!

SHELF READING – The act of examining the arrangement of books and other materials in the stacks of library to make sure all items are in correct call number sequence. from LIS WIKI

Me (cataloguing and acquisition staff)  and the circulation staff shelf read the books and other materials everyday. I’m assigned for the 1st and 3rd quarter of this year and she is for the 2nd and 4th quarter.

Our books are arranged according to Library of Congress Classification System. For those who are not familiar these are the letters that you usually saw on the spine of the books.


Example of LC on a spine label


1.) I just returned all books first in their corresponding shelves. Since we are in open-shelves system (users can get the book they want directly from the shelves) they put it on the returned books area after they read/used.

2.) Combined the materials with the same letter of its subject (e.g. BF, BJ, BL, BS,BV), same numeric description of its subject (537.25) , the author or book number or the cutter number (S75) and the copyright year (2006).

3.) After you combined it, arranged the books FROM A-Z, 1-1000, CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER (OLD-LATEST)

1.) 30.3 comes first from 30.335 (It’s just like 30.335 is greater than 30.3 so it’s the first one, Hahaha! So hard to explain)


Like this one 🙂 Hope you understand. Hahaha!


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