Welcome to lilaloveroarian’s world 🌟🎉💝. I created this blogsite to share my insights as a librarian, person, Filipino and etc. Forgive my wrong grammar here, not so much competent and confident in writing in English. Btw, why the name is LILALOVEROARIAN?


(I tried to edit my logo. Hahaha!)

LILA 👉 Filipino word for VIOLET (Yes! Im a huge fan of violet stuffs! Yikeee!)

LOVEROARIAN 👉 (LIB-RAR-IAN) I changed the syllable LIB to LOVE, simply because I’m loving my profession and this is my passion. Second, the RAR to ROAR because I believe that librarians have an edge to provide information in the world. We have the capacity in the profession world just like a lion, a king of jungle. We are the king of information world. 🏆👑🌟


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