Library’s website

It’s been a long time since the last time I posted in my blog.

Just want to share how our library’s website run or made, perhaps.

The home page composed of the short preview of the company’s history and also the library’s history. It also includes the login for the members of the library (PLDT employees, thru their nt account and the member who registered by paying the fees at the library) to access the PLDT News Clippings and also to download FREE ebooks too 🙂 Yes, for free.. Topics are differs from management, IT, accounting, motivational and many more.


The contact us page. Find me 🙂 Mehehehe

The library’s website also includes the mission, vision, facts and figures, the heads of the company. Guidelines for clients (either a PLDT employee, visitor and researcher), facilities and services and also our floor plan. Here’s some part of the website:

Want to explore more? Visit us here.

Thanks! 🙂