Love letter to Jesus

Dear Jesus Christ,

Thank You for the cross. Thank You for the amazing love you poured out on me 2000 years ago. Thank You for the grace and for the mercy you abound on me.

I’m not worthy of your love but You’re always here loving me although I’ve done things that hurts you. You love me at my best and much more than at my worst.

Help me to love You more. Help me to desire Your presence more. Help me to treasure you more inside of my heart. To think what You will feel when I make decisions in my life. To have a heart like Yours and to have a love to others like Yours.

Continue to correct me if I made some things that will hurt You. Continue to mold me with Your love, goodness and grace. Continue to purify me with Your love.

You’re the author of my life, my journey and also my faith. Help to follow the track that you’ve planned in my life. Help me to keep my faith in Your name. To be more prayerful even in the midst of struggles. To seek You more even they’re times I don’t want to continue the journey with you. We are team. This is our fight, Jesus.

I love You more than yesterday. My love for you will not perish until the day I die.

Lots of love,
Marinella Pineda

As sign of my everlasting love to Jesus. I signed this Manifesto 💜 See featured image.

When you join a Manifesto, you will withhold from entering into a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship for one year because you would like to give your undivided attention to loving and seeking God.

Manifesto Movement is founded by Pastor Ru dela Torre. He serves as the director of Wildfire Youth Ministry of His Life City Church. He is an author. His books: A Date with the One, Road Trip. Back On Track: Road Trip 2, and Refuel are very inspiring.



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