Maximum grace

I failed You many times
I tend to turn back to You
But Your love is outpouring
Still, Your grace overwhelms me

I thought that it should end up
I want to make this over
But Your mercy still remains
Your still reminding me of Your grace

Your majesty, Oh God
Your maximum grace, Abba Father
Even though I don’t deserve it
Still, Your giving it to me

Thank You, Lord, for the maximum grace
Thank You, Lord, for the love
Thank You, Lord, for the mercy
Thank You, Lord, for everything

I’m going back to You
To Your loving arms, Oh God
I’m reaching out for Your presence
I’ll never let You down again

I know this will not be that easy
But I know it will be rewarding
Let this be my prayer
Until the day you come

10th day of July, 2017